Legalporno is a platform that evolve continuously according to how the user behave during the shopping.
First you need to understand is that a customer does not purchase access to the whole website, but he purchase each scene separately, for this reason it is important for a model to maximize her incoming releasing the scenes in the right order.

Give yourself “Step By Step”, do not accept to rush.
I make a stupid example: let’s image Angelina Jolie decide to shoot porn and the Studio for who she works decide to shoot and released “5 boys DAP and Pissing” as first scene. Many users would be probably very happy to have such content, but in reality it is a total mistake. The more the model is Pretty/Famouse/Extreme/New, the more step by step the model needs to be exploited. This bring more profit to the model and more popularity. Clearly there are models that can not be exploited very slow, it really depends from model to model, but in the specific care of Angelina Jolie, she should shoot DAP long after her first scene and Pissing after years.
I hope you got the concept

In what order should be setup the release of a good model
First of all, BG-a and BBG-dp, NO INTERRACIAL. Than there are several factor that can influence the next scenes, but I would suggest BBBB-dp and BBBBG-dap or BG-a|interracial and BBBBG-dap.
A good looking model, should never start with a pissing scene, you are just giving up too much for nothing.

What to do when you think a Studio wants to rush with extreme content
First of all, contact the other Studios or discuss with your agent. Agent should schedule shooting with the Studio that guarantee the larger number of scenes and the slow progression with hardcore acts. Any European Studio acts on his own with his strategy, chose the strategy that suits you better accordingly to the progression of the hardcore acts.

Perform for multiple Studios
This is a very delicate topic. It can be good for top models, but it is usually a very bad idea for good and average girls. First of all, understand this: if you work for one Studio or for all the Studios, your content will be released not more than one time every 15-20 days on Legalporno platform. So if for instance you shoot in 2 weeks 10 scenes for 3 Studios, no one will shoot you for long time. The other problem is the scheduling of the content. If a model performs for different Studios, the content are not released with a login of progression but in chaotic way. This should be your worse nightmare as if a Studio releases a DAP before than another Studio releases a DP, the sales on the DP will be probably terrible, I do not need to explain you the conseguence. You need to be very careful when working for multiple Studio if you are not a top model.

When to shoot interracial
For few models, interracial is the only way to have at least average sales on Legalporno platform, but for most of models interracial should just follow several scenes with White Boys. Interracial content can revive your rank and provide more following shooting before to go wet

When to shoot pissing
Again, the main issue is with good and average models, a Studio should release pissing when other content start to struggle in sales, basically a Studio release pissing when it runs out of options. Pissing can really revive your rank and provide more following shooting.

Top Model, good model, average models: what I do mean.
We need to be realistic, specially a model and a Studio should be realistic. It is very hard to define what is top or good or average normally and it is harder on Legalporno platform. there are model with terrible result on one Studio and good result on another Studio . The reason is easy, some Studio are better than other to dress/make-up the girl and are better when it is the moment to decide what content to shoot. Male performers are also important.
First of all I would suggest you to check the ranking of the boys here:
Than note the first 20 performers or so.
Than on the same page select the Studios that contact you or the other Studio and check how many of the boys you noted before are still into the first 20 position, this gives you an idea of potential of male performers and quality of the action in the Studio .

Than go on the page with models, note all the model in the first page, than select the Studios and compare who has more models in the first page as the main list. This gives you an idea of where top/good models got the best results (page 1 and page 2 for a mix of good and average)

On this page you can have also a clear idea of how looks and performs a top model. At page one, the models are really top, at page 2 are good at page 3 we are on average.

I am in Europe with what Studio do I start performing?
Simple rule, ask to all Studios to make you an offer and chose the best deal based on next:
– White boys first, eventually mixed after and full black for last
– Progression of hardcore act, the slower the better
– Higher amount of scenes at the first trip
– Payout for each single scene

Do not do:
– Do not rely on point of view of agents, usually they act just in base to sympathy they have regarding one or other Studios and they do not have a clue of what is going on and they care only to get a cut so they maybe send you to all Studios at the first trip with the result you most likely wont be booked anymore.
– Do not rely on point of view of other male performers
– Ask to other models that resemble you physically or in the performing skills
– Register one account on Legalporno, you will be redirected to the member area that us called pornbox. Click on your email (up/right side of the page) than deselect PEE from Filter genres (this exclude all wet content), than go here and select some of the “Months” and check who shot the best videos of the month you selected. Name of the Studio is written before the name of the female performer just under the description of the scene.

Now you know all you need to know to really get some serious cash.