I write this short tutorial for American models that wants to came to perform for me in Prague through and american agency.

01- Casting

Any time an American model is willing or interest to came in Prague, firs of all, I need the agent read this: http://www.giorgiograndi.eu/main/index.php/casting/ it is not specifically written for American models, but help you to understand what is all about.

Then send me an email, including all these data:
– Artistic Name
– Email
– Phone number
– Link to Twitter
– Link to Instagram
– Heigh and weight (in Cm and Kg)
– Age
– Price for BG-A
– Price for BBG-DP
– It the model interested to attempt DAP during a DP scene? (means we attempt the DAP when the camera is off and if you will be in comfort we will shoot some DAP on the top of the DP) YES/NO
– Professional pictures
– Selfie
– Link to some video with you that are already online (optional)

Send everything by email, in the subject of the email input the nickname of the model. I will replay asap, probably in twitter for propose you a list of scene and talk about money.

02- Booking
As soon as we have an agreement about scenes and money, my Production Manager will contact you for setup the dates and purchase the ticket. My production manager, when he fixed the dates with the agency, he will maybe communicate directly with the model with the purpose to speedup the process.

03- Travel

We pay the travel.

In the case the model or agency decide to move the ticket for any personal reason, this cost is your call only. In the case you or me or both of us, decide to move the ticket in agreement because of a local or worldwide production hold, I we will share the the expense for move the ticket.

My driver will wait you at the airport, please inform my Production Manager if you have any delay.

04- Accommodation

I accommodate models at my facility. I have 2 double room with private toilet, be aware it is not a 5 star hotel, but it is definitely better than how I have been accommodate many time when I was performing as an actor for other producers long ago. Food is your call, there is grocery store close-by, it close at 10:00pm and a fully functioning kitchen. Remember also that in Czech Republic the kitchen of restaurant closes at 9:00pm in best of the cases. Now remember this: if you are landing in Prague late in the night, ask to the driver to stop at a fast food to grab a meal while he is bringing to my facility!

05- Testing methods

You better read  Medical Examination and Testing Specifications
In few words: the test of your partners in CZ are equal to a test from TTC and you should get tested the day before you get into your airplane, anyway read the articles please.

06- Outfits

We have a lot of outfits at my studio, but please grab also your stuff. Specially, shorts, skirts, t-shirts, tops, corsets, everything that is not usual, everything fetish and shoes. Do not bring lingerie as we have a lot of this. Bring also something very classic like a tailleur, or something elegant. Evening Dress are not needed.

07- Schedule

We schedule the scenes long before you land in Czech Republic, but it is possible something will change on last minute. My Production Manager will keep you posted about scheduling time and if something changes. Please keep your phone working and every time close to you. If we change something on last minute, we maybe need you agree on the scene, so please pay attention to this. If we need to change something on last minute, we first agree with the model and than confirm with the agent.

08- Model looking

Do you remember at the point 01 I asked you to send us pictures? The model need to look as in the pictures and the weight have to match the weight you sent at the moment of the casting. Please I need your hairstyle fresh and well done, I do not accept models arriving with old extension or even worse, wild and dirty hair that are impossible to comb. I do not accept roots with a different color and I do not accept you already get into the plane exhausted from previous shooting or even worse, without to have been sleeping for days.
No bush please, only shaved pussy, totally shaved, this is mandatory. Good manicure WITHOUT long nails, if I ask you to fist another girl I do not want your nail to interfere with the shooting.

09- Cancellations – On Going shootings

We do not like to cancel shootings but on the other side I do not want to shoot terrible content.

  • If for any reason we decide to cancel an on going scene because someone else than you is not able to make it as we wish, we pay you a kill fee of 250$. 
  • If you are the one to decide to cancel an on going shooting, you do not need to pay us anything

10- Cancellations – Before to start shooting

If we decide to cancel a scene before we start shooting, no matter the reason why we do it, we do not pay any kill-fee to the performers.


I am so stubborn because in the past I did have models arriving to Czech Republic in terrible conditions. Some of them completely different than in the pictures, some without to have been at the hairdresser for months, some with sore ass and some so high with antidepressants that I was barely able to shoot them and some of them even complained about us with other performers because we cancelled scenes and complained about the looking of the model. I am not going to accept this, at this point I prefer to bring here less models and give them more scenes. What mentioned did not happen so often though, but we do not want to go through this delirium anymore.

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