Hello performers,

as stated from the so called “Czech Alliance” the hold on production will finish on 13th March, 2019

I want to clarify the so called “Czech Alliance” is a group of producers and agents that decided to team up for clarify the situation regarding the performer apparently tested positive to HIV in Spain (the so called patient zero).

The requirements for me to consider a talent “allowed to perform” are the following:

  • a negative test performed at Prevedig between February 25, 2019 and March 1, 2019.
  • a negative test performed at Prevedig after March 13, 2019

As you maybe already know, Prevedig is now able to perform the so called “PCR on HIV-1” in (addition to all the other test) that narrow the window on HIV (period between time of infection and first detection) from less than 2 weeks to a few days.

The statement on twitter from an agent, about 8 weeks of hold on production is a hogwash written without to have information regarding the situation and it is not a statement undersigned from the so called “Czech Alliance”. Also the statement from the Hungarian producers do not consider this option. Said that, the increasing of the technology provided from Prevedig with the PCR on HIV-1, makes an 8 weeks hold totally not necessary. On the top of this, just for better clarify the situation, the few performers that have been in touch with the patient zero are now isolated and quarantined, they are all Spanish.

Be aware that from now on, the value of the medical test in Czech Republic and in Hungary is 14 days.

I am personally going to have my internal rules regarding the value of the medical test, you can take a look at this information clicking here:

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