I have been asked to comment this article from several performers.


In the article is written this:

 .. most companies in Europe took tests that were normally based on the Elisa detection system for HIV. This has a window of detection of 45 to 60 days. A test …

Well, with all the respect this article is full of shit and who wrote is a a liar or an idiot.

The testing center in Prague and I believe almost every testing center in Europe, perform the next test on HIV:

HIV1-2 (what is called Elisa) and P24 antigen (T24 it some country)

So, lets try to explain: in Hungary as they have the possibility to have a HIV-1 RNA testing facility (possibility to perform a DNA test on HIV-1) they are rightly moving in this direction.

This is an article from the ASM that talk about the matter.


If you read the article carefully, they compare the RNA testing with other methods. There are many interesting sentences for you to read, but this one is the more important:

“The recent introduction of fourth-generation assays, which detect p24 antigen in addition to antibody, has further narrowed the window (period between time of infection and first detection) to less than 2 weeks from infection”

It is absolutely not true the window (period between time of infection and first detection) is between 45 and 60 days in Europe. It is much less, it is about a couple of weeks. I do not understand why someone intentionally lies about this or how is possible that a journalist rely on the information provided without to test them. This is not only unprofessional, but it is an insidious and incorrect practice that is creating unjustified panic.

Decide to move to a HIV-1 RNA testing technology (that gives few days period between time of infection and first detection) is a good choice if available, but in the moment this solution is advertised using lies, with the intent to create panic, with this behavior the industry loses credibility. Or, in the case who provided the information is not enough caught up in the subject or smart enough o to get information before speaking, still we look like a bunch of idiots that do not even know what they are doing.

Do not rely on the information you read on internet, specially about the adult industry. Most of information are not accurate or written with the intent to discredit someone, to support ignorant hypotheses or worse to force unpopular choices. Visit the testing facility where you get tested and ask information, they will be happy to clarify your doubts and help you in general or visit websites that belongs to government agencies, ignore twitter!

You can find more information about how the testing is done from 27 February 2019 clicking here