I have been asked several times this week about what I think of the actual situation regarding the HIV issue located (only) in Spain and why the north american industry push for a long break, so in the last days I found in my email the next data.

For you to know in USA an organization that represent the north american industry called FSC is connected to the PASS database (the database where are listed all the medical examinations of american performers). This is exactly how they acted when in 2018 a performer has been tested positive to HIV.

On Mon, Aug 27, 2018, the FSC called a “precautionary production hold” because a performer is maybe positive:


On Aug 29, 2018, the performer is confirmed as positive and the FSC decide to test all first-generation partners (it means to test everyone that has been in DIRECT contact with the performer confirmed as positive) with a DNA test. The production hold have to continue.


On Aug 30, 2018 as all the first-generation retests have returned negative, the production hold is lifted. They state exactly this words: “Based on the testing results, there was no transmission on a PASS set, and there is no further risk to performers in the PASS pool”


In few words this is the point of FSC: as the positive performer did not contract the disease on the set, “there is no further risk to performers”.

What I asked myself is what happened with the “first-generation” performers which have been tested as negative, and I got the answer few days after, they have been quarantined for some times and then tested again. FSC never stated the result of the following test as there is no reason to create further alarm as these performers could not work as quarantined.

This is how it is in USA and it is actually very similar to what happens in Europe. Everyone that in Europe shows up on a testing center and claims that he/she was in direct contact with someone confirmed infected (no matter if you are a performer or a simple citizen), the test performed in a DNA test immediately, and another test after some times.

At this point you see a big discrepancy between how the FSC handle the case in USA (few days, less than one week) and how FSC and the american industry in general try hold all the European industry supporting months of brake even outside the pool of Spanish performers, that is absolutely not necessary. No one of the performers involved in this matter has been performed with any foreign talent than Spanish and the list of second-generation contacts is minimal and contained. In the specific case, 7 out of 9 first-generation contact has been tested with DNA method and the result is negative. One of the other two is actually under “post expose treatment” and the result for the test of the last one should be available soon.

There is absolutely no reason to promote a long hold unless the point is to jeopardize the European industry. As a matter of fact, some american company are pressing their “European partner” to promote a long hold in the production in all Europe and these persons (the European partners) are threatening performers to follow unconditionally, demonstrating not only an absolute disdain and irreverence towards the performers, but creating incessant panic that does nothing but move many performers from pornography to escorting. 8 weeks stop would kill the European industry moving many of the actual models to escorting and killing the scouting. For than, after the hold, to have high risk of people infected from their private biz. This is Exactly what would help the american industry to overcame us.

There are many differences and drama between European members of the industry, but it is really time to ignore who in Europe is just a puppet in the hands of few Americans.

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