As in the last day some dumb producer is showing (and then immediately cancel) a medical certification about a model that has been tested positive in Czech Republic, I am going to explain you how it really works.

Lets take as example the medical examination from Prevedig, the major testing center we use in Czech Republic. First of all, in the case the laboratory is not able to conclude that you are negative for syphilis, the certificate you will receive will looks like this:

Now let me explain: all what I hided with a black shape, are data I am not sure I can publish.

The PINK arrow, indicates when the lab. collected the sample (in this case the blood).

In the place of the YELLOW shape, is written the name of the patient.

In the place of the BROWN shape, in written the name of the “account” where this document is available for download. Is very usual that the production for who the talent will be performing, to have an “account” in the website of the lab where the result will be listed.

The red arrow indicate the result of the exam about syphilis, as you can clearly see, the result is “konfirm”. It is true that the test is apparently reactive for the antibodies (S_RPR test), but as a matter of fact the patient is not considered positive. There are many reason why an exam would have this results: maybe the patient has been sick in the past and despite having healed the antibodies are still there, or it is simply a misinterpretation of the machine that makes the test or of course the patient is positive. In the case the lab. redact such result, the sample is sent as soon as possible to the “National Laboratory” for be confirmed as positive or for be confirmed as negative.

There is a interest case happened in October 2015, when a producer/director posted on his own forum something like this: “hey guys, here the good news, there are 2 person positive to syphilis and another one will be confirmed soon…”. He wrote this on the same day the talent had received the result of a medical exam exactly as the one published in this page. At that time the National Laboratory confirmed both the cases as Negative. The third case mentioned from the producer was  totally made-up and I personally find disgusting someone that consider a good new someone that is maybe sick.

Now, the translation of what is written in BLUE is literally: “”Commentary on RPR, Treponema p .: Qualitative assessment in our laboratory border or reactive. Sample sent to confirmation to the NRL for syphilis. The result will be sent to you by the post office.””

NRL means: National Reference Laboratory

Anyway, back to how the system works, here we are with a medical exam that is basically inconclusive. So, the sample is sent to the National Laboratory for be re-tested.


This is how looks a positive result:

All what I hided with a black shape, are data I am not sure they can be published.

The PINK arrow, indicates when the lab. confirmed the sample as positive.

In the place of the YELLOW shape, is written the name of the patient.

As you can understand yourself, the result is redacted from a National Laboratory in date 17 December, 5 days after the previous  result. If someone is showing you the result from Prevedig as “Positive Result” is simply a liar (and an blockhead).

I want to add, for better understanding, that the NRL confirmation is not uploaded in the website of Prevedig and is not available in the account of the producer.

Now the question is what happens between the date of the “not conclusive result” and the date of the “NRL  confirmation”. From my investigation the lab where the patient gets tested send the fellow to attend a medical consultation at a facility specialized in venereology. (I remember you that Prevedig is gynecology facility and not a venereology facility). At this point the patient is on his own, dealing directly with the venereology institution that he visited. For what I understand the foreign patients, not having an address in Czech Republic, are contacted in direct way from the venereology  institution who took care of them at the moment of the consultation if the result from the NRL is positive for perform the therapy. The therapy is mandatory for anyone confirmed positive, the patient according to the low can not refuse the therapy.

This is how is it, all the rest or are just lies.

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